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Respond to prejudice

We answer the most common questions and prejudices that we are asked:

I'm afraid that we are all alone practicing naturism?

Well no! France is the world's leading naturist destination. 2 million French people and 6 million foreigners come to France to practice it every year.

At Domaine du Coq Rouge, we have an average of 85% French people each season. But we really like to welcome foreigners who want to benefit from French culture during their holidays.

Nudism, is it a “sex” thing?

No! Naturism is the freedom to live naked, whether on vacation or at home. It is not licentiousness or other practices directed towards sex, which they practice in places reserved for that. Naturist centers or clubs are very “family friendly”.

I'm afraid that people will look at me?

Don't worry! Everyone is naked and we are all different. So no judgment on the body, value judgment or social class difference. These are the clothes that will bring differences and looks. We don't pay attention to the physique of people, breasts are breasts, buttocks are buttocks, it doesn't matter if your penis is small or large, or if you have stretch marks. Nobody is watching!

Can we practice it as a family?

Of course!, it's even great to practice it with the people you love. Naturism as a family means sharing and inculcating naturist values. Kids love it, it's in their nature to be naked. And everyone in the campsite shares this nudity.

If I'm cold, can I get dressed?

Down yes! Don't worry, it's normal to dress when you're cold. Some people only put on a t-shirt and others dress up completely. Everyone does what they want.

What if I can't control my “emotions”?

So don't worry, but in 25 years of naturism, I have never seen a gentleman have an emotion. In fact, it's in the head. As I said, we are all different and naked. So no worries, a naturism center is not the most erotic place in the world.

But if this happened to you, it would be better to hide it, because it might be misinterpreted.

But is it dirty to be naked?

But no, it's better to have a naked body that you wash every day than a swimsuit that you don't know how long it has been washed for. Naturists are very clean people and above all very respectful towards others. They are big shower consumers! campsite manager's word!

I'm going to get my period on vacation, what should I do?

Don't panic! you can put a tampon and shorten the string, but you will not be judged if the string exceeds, it is normal in the middle of naturism. Some can also put on a sanitary napkin and put on a swimsuit bottom with a sarong.

Can I take pictures?

In your private sphere, of course, but it is strictly forbidden to take photos in common places when people are naked.

I'm afraid to meet someone I know, especially if I'm not going very far from home.

We're not going to lie to each other, it can happen. But if this person is in a naturist center, it is because he IS a naturist. With everything that goes with it. No judgement, respect, she has the same convictions as you and will not regard you as a non-naturist.

I have a physical problem, can I come?

Whether you have a disability, an ablation, an amputation, a malformation, or other, you will always be welcome in a naturist center, on the contrary, as there is no judgment on the physical, we are all equal . And for many people, it is a real relief, a bubble of freedom and serenity.

Do you accept people who are not members of the FFN (French Federation of Naturism)?

Yes, you are not required to have the FFN card. However, we recommend it to you because it allows, among other things, to help the FFN, to support the associative movement, to guarantee security and it is also a militant act. In addition, at Domaine du Coq Rouge, you will have a 5% reduction on your stay if you show us your license on arrival. Find all the info on their website.

What is naturism?

So many people associate naturism with sex, only those who have experienced naturist holidays can understand and appreciate all the joy of being naked while staying at a naturist campsite.

We forget our differences, our social classes, our complexes, because at home we do not make judgments.

Respect for oneself, for others and for nature, are the 3 rules of naturism.

Reminder of the definition:

Naturism is a way of life which consists of living in harmony with nature by practicing nudity in common. It is a practice that values freedom, tolerance, respect for oneself, others and the environment.

Naturism has ancient origins, but it developed as a social movement at the end of the 19th century. It has become popular in several European and North American countries, with the creation of clubs and associations dedicated to this practice.

Naturism is not exhibitionism or the search for strong sensations. It is a healthy practice, respectful of nature and each other, and which promotes tolerance towards all body shapes.

Naturist spaces, such as beaches, campsites, resorts and spas, allow naturists to live their way of life without being judged or stigmatized. However, it is important to note that the practice of naturism is subject to rules of respect and civility, to guarantee the comfort and safety of all participants.


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