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Before you start

The behavior:

Nudist camping is certainly a place that is so much about freedom. But it is not without certain rules of propriety.
A family naturist campsite like ours is not a libertine or swinger campsite. Some places are dedicated to this practice. So if you come to a family naturist campsite, you have to behave appropriately.


You will discover that in a naturist center, people are more respectful of the environment. The campsite and especially the toilets are cleaner, there are no cigarette butts on the ground, holidaymakers pay more attention to accommodation.


There is a lot of atmosphere in a naturist campsite, with parties several times a week. But you will also be able to notice that the hours of rest are respected. We stop the entertainment around 11 p.m. and we don't start until 10 a.m. in the morning.
Even siesta time is respected. These are dynamic and relaxing holidays at the same time.


We may be naked all the time, when you want to sit somewhere, go to a restaurant or have a drink at the bar, or even have an aperitif with friends. It is always necessary, but then always to have a garment with you. For example, a towel, a pareo, or if it starts to get chilly, you can dress up a little.


When we spend our holidays in a naturist center, it is obviously to be naked. Everyone is naked (except the campsite staff who have the obligation to work fully clothed, it is the law). But if you see that the weather does not allow to be naked, you can dress up of course. The naturist spirit also means being tolerant, and when people want to start practicing naturism, we allow men or women (no difference) to wear a sarong for the first few days. But don't worry, usually we leave it very quickly, because we feel better without it. There is also another tolerance, it is for teenagers who are in full growth and puberty and who will often for a short time be uncomfortable with their bodies. So for them, we allow them to be clothed.
But be careful, nudity is still compulsory in certain areas of the campsite, such as the showers, the swimming pool area, the sauna, and that's for everyone. world, without exception.

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