Maori tent

It is a unique experience of hut contemporary toilée with a direct link with the nature. More than simple windows, the openings of the Maori are turned to the sky, the top of trees and stars! The transparent central roof brings a regenerating bath of light and a profound sentiment of freedom.

Wooden TIPI

Offer 7 consecutive days: -30 € An unusual, comfortable and family accommodation, it is the teepee which we propose you. Completely made wooden, with a room in mezzanine, a stay with a sofa bed and a recess for another room.


With its look of hut, Ithome becomes integrated harmoniously into the nature. In this accommodation you will keep your spirit campsite while taking advantage of a comfort identical to the mobile home.


Offer 7 consecutive days = -30€ With Prêt-à-Camper you will take advantage of enjoyments of the campsite without troubling yourselves about all the necessary material. Ideal for the people wishing to discover the campsite or to avoid investing in the material.


We wanted to give the spirit “Hut” to our caravans. So you will take advantage of the comfort of a caravan renovated and barded of wood as a hut.


A perched tent opened on stars with grown-up rooms and children, a terrace and a dining area