standard-title General conditions of sale

General conditions of sale

Prices :

  • The prices indicated are in euros, VAT included.
  • Payment can be made by check, holiday vouchers, credit card or cash. The amount of the stay or the balance of the reservation is due on your arrival.

Reservation :

  • For reservations in high season rentals, a minimum of 7 nights is required.
  • Reservations, all categories combined, are only confirmed upon receipt of the reservation confirmation email and the corresponding deposit. The reservation only becomes effective upon receipt of confirmation.
  • Any option, by phone, will be canceled if the deposit does not reach us within 10 days.
  • The preferences, formulated during reservations, will be satisfied to the extent of availability, without engaging the responsibility of the Domain.
  • Subject to availability, early arrivals or extended stays may be considered.
  • In the event of a delayed arrival, without any news from you, the location or rental reservation will be canceled 24 hours after the date mentioned on the reservation request.


  • Application fees are not reimbursed under any circumstances.
  • In the event of delayed arrival or premature departure, no refund will be made.
  • In the event of cancellation of a reservation, you will have to:
    more than 30 days before arrival: 20% of the total amount of the stay
    between 30 and 7 days: 40% of the total amount of the stay
    less than 7 days: 100% of the total amount of the stay


  • Liability insurance for your equipment is compulsory.
  • The domain declines any responsibility for the damage undergone by the equipment of the camper-caravaneer.

Pets :

  • Animals are allowed, provided they do not interfere with the tranquility and safety of residents, and comply with basic hygiene rules.
  • The up-to-date vaccination record must be able to be presented.
  • Animals are not allowed around the swimming pool or on the terraces of the snack bar and the refreshment bar.
  • They must in no case be left free in the field.
  • A place to walk and bags are available to customers for animal droppings.

Naturist behavior:

  • As required by law, you must adhere to our internal regulations, deposited at the prefecture, displayed at our reception and a copy of which will be given to you on request.
  • The management reserves the right to refuse access or to exclude any person whose behavior would be in disagreement with the naturist criteria.

Special conditions for the rental of accommodation

  • In season, rentals are from Saturday and Wednesday 12 noon to Saturday and Wednesday 10 am.
  • The people, the location of the vehicle, gas and electricity are included in the rental.
  • Linen and towels are not provided.We provide a Comfort Pack including sheets, towels.
  • Any departure after 10 am without management’s agreement will result in the invoicing of an additional day.
  • The balance of the stay must be paid at the latest one month before the start of the stay.
  • On your arrival, you will have to leave a deposit of 80 euros, returned at the end of your stay after checking the accommodation.
  • At the end of your stay, you will be responsible for cleaning the rental. We can do the cleaning for the sum of 50 euros.