standard-title La vie au quotidien GB

La vie au quotidien GB

For everyone to enjoy a well deserved vacation.

Life in society :
Individual barbecues will be prohibited during the high season as a safety measure. A communal barbecue is available for campers next to the sheepfold.

Nature :
To preserve the landscaped space, a true respect of the whole Domain is essential. Ashtrays are available on request. It is also obvious that it is forbidden to throw waste on the floor.

The vegetable garden :
The use and the gathering of the vegetable garden are accessible on free participation. To take advantage of this space it is enough to participate in its maintenance.

Naturism :
As in any naturist camping nudity is mandatory for everyone.

The mini farm :
No matter how nice the animals are also unpredictable. Access to the mini-farm will only be done with permission. Children must always be accompanied by an adult. The collection of eggs is allowed at discretion.

Creative activites :
Access to activities and places of activity will be prohibited outside the hours reported by the members of the Coq Rouge team.

The respect :
Everyone must respect the often well-deserved rest of others: the activities end around 11pm.

The swimming pool :
Passing to the footbath is mandatory to enter the pool area.
As well as going to the shower before entering the pool. We also ask not to put sunscreen just before going to the water. A clean pool water is better for everyone!
Only children’s armbands are allowed in the pool. Le Coq Rouge offers water games (fries, buoys …)