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Accommodation Prices Prices high season Prices mid season Prices low season
Dates From the 14/07/17 to the 19/08/17 From the 17/06/17 to the 13/07/17
and from the 20/08/17 to the 02/09/17

From the 01/05/17 to the 16/06/17
and from the 03/09/17 to the 14/10/17

Carabane – 2/4 persons 
For 7 consecutive days 600 € 450 € 300 €
Per night / 80 € 50 €


The spirit “Hut” for holidays in the open air

We wanted to give the spirit “Hut” to our caravans. So you will take advantage of the comfort of a caravan renovated and barded by wood as a hut. With its small terrace and its canopy, the return in childhood is assured!


Caravan with fully-equipped kitchen: stove gas two fires, refrigerator, kitchen sink, arrangements, dishes 2/4 sleepings around following one la Carabane
Accommodation having the electricity
Installation of an additional tent ( 2 people) with the Pack Big Family

Conditions of reservation:
Free of charge Cancellation at the latest 1 month before dates her reservation. Beyond with a restraint of 30 %.

Reservation from Saturday till Saturday or from Wednesday till Wednesday.
Arrived from 14 hours – Allocates at the latest at 10 am For more details of packs, consult our price lists.

Price lists rent of sheets:
double bed: 10€ the pair of sheets
Single bed: 8€ the sheet

we make a current situation on arrival and at first. We ask you to return the accommodation appropriate to the discount of keys. If need be we propose you an option Arrange in the Pack Comfort.

Animals are accepted under certain conditions. See the conditions

See the conditions of rent